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Yo people

Anybody play Second Life? Can anyone gimme some help on scripting and stuff? How about just making custom clothing?
Oh yeah, I'll be searching around.
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The Return!

I am back online.


After two years of offlineness, I have returned to wreck havoc, create chaos, and arouse anarchy throughout.

If you prefer, we can just raise a little hell and drink some beer, or whatever floats your boat.
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Where've you been???

Well - 21 weeks ago is the last time I updated this thing? Holy crapola! Well, where have all of you been?

I've been: Busy seeing my girlfriend, you know, poohbear_girl04. She's now my fiancee, by the way.

I've also been busy getting a house and moving into said house.

Oh yeah, and an honorable mention goes to: WORK.

More like damn stupid idiotic work.

I started using the NWN Lexicon tutorial the other night, to learn how to script up a module. Makes using the Aurora toolset that comes with that game a bit easier, and understandable.
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